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Thursday, June 19, 2008


penny has a foxtail embedded near her vulva, not in it thank goodness! she stayed overnight at the vet and they're going to take it out today, can pick her up late afternoon. i noticed a bump on monday evening, called vet tuesday and took her in yesterday. since this hadn't happened to any of our other dogs i thought maybe it was just a sore or maybe an infected bite. i feel bad that i didn't get her in sooner. i am reading up on this and i'm hoping we can get it all out this first time since it can be a drawn out and pricey process. i'm not as worried about the monies as i am about the pup.

penny's family lives two facilities over from us and drop by the property fairly often. when i found out she had a mom, i foolishly felt bad for taking her away from her. then five minutes later i remembered that if i didn't bring her home she would still be a "yard dog", filthy and flea-ridden. she probably would have died from the foxtail without medical attention.

rescues are always a risk, but aren't risks what life is all about?

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