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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


we did some errands at lunch and my friend remarked how there were no firework stands up yet. i couldn't remember seeing any either but didn't think much of it until she had mentioned it. then i realized that the 4th is only two weeks away, they should at least be put up even they're not open yet. her dad happened to call while we were out and she asked him if maybe they banned them in my city, which is one of the few in the surrounding area where they're still legal, and he said probably not. i thought the same. by the time we got back to work, he had called again to say that he called the city and they are going to allow them but they won't go on sale until the first, phew! it's really funny that he called the city and reported back to us, but i'm sure we would have called on our own since we're nerds like that.

my sister and i always have this odd dilemma when it comes to which extracurricular activity to support. i think we usually pick band kids or the k-8 school we attended. maybe we're mean or bitter but we can't support the jocks, i guess we figure everyone else will, so what about the other kids? the humming birds of benjamin franklin junior high?

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