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Monday, May 05, 2008

super sopes

we had sopes for dinner tonight. i always want to order them when we're out but i'm never sure if they're "safe" since they might be fried in lard. we went to superior on saturday night and i went nuts going through the whole store to find the bargains. i may have set my hopes too high but i did find sopes, which i have never seen in the market before, maybe i am going to the wrong market! i also got some measuring cups since you can never have too many of those, an icing spatula and some kebab baskets since it's almost summer. oh and i got some sewing scissors too.

anyhow, i fried the sopes in canola oil and then we loaded them up with beans, tofu taco mix, fyh jack, sour supreme, guacamole, scallions, lettuce and tomatoes. it was a mouthful and nearly went up my nose on a few bites as well. yum!

follow up to the macaroons, after they marinated in the fridge, they were so awesome. there is one left, not sure how it has survived so long but i think it is going down tomorrow.

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