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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

new recipe wednesday

score 1-1

i tried making the black bean brownies, but so far, it looks like that's going to be a loss. i should have cooked them longer. i know they are supposed to be mushy but not like these. i am going to leave them in the fridge and hope for the best. if not, i will try again with one of the variations.

i wanted to make a few more recipes from the vegetarian family cookbook before i have to give it back to the library. it was my second time checking it out since i realized there was a lot more goodness than i had originally noticed. i don't think anyone checked it out after me since there was still a picture of me in there, oops. or they didn't like my picture? who wouldn't! anyhow, i made "asian noodles with stir fried corn and cabbage". it turned out really good. i wish i had added tofu but i can always make some tomorrow and mix it in, or do that next time.

i marked up a bunch of recipes i want to copy but i think i will spare myself and just buy the book since it is all good. i am glad i didn't dismiss it right away since it said "vegetarian" and not "vegan". it's funny but i think i like this book way more than vegan express, so much for names, nava atlas is awesome any way you slice it.

anyhow, this was my first time using tongs to cook and it was so fun. i think next i am going to make kittee's collards from papa tofu and the crispy tofu sticks from table for two with christina pirello's mac n cheese. vegan soul food coma. maybe a pound cake for dessert too.

p.s. this post was almost called u-don't know nothing because i forgot to rinse the udon before adding it to the stir fry. i need to do arm exercise anyway, thank goodness.

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