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Friday, May 09, 2008

more time than money

i'm not sure when it is going to start but fairly soon i am only going to be working four days in the office. we have workshare so i will still get paid a percentage for the day i am not working. i forget how it is calculated but it's not going to hit me too hard. we have done this over the years when we hit a slow period, usually it is only for a month or less. i think this might be a bit longer but i can manage.

i have not been nearly as busy the past few days so it is actually somewhat of a relief. i knew this would happen sooner or later. the last few rounds i had a pass and still worked my full week. this time it's going to be 32 all around, which is totally fair. i know some people will complain, so they can choose between 0 hours or 32 + a fraction of the remaining 8.

i thought about part-timing but i will probably volunteer or start working on one of the many mini goals i haven't made time to work toward. it can't hurt to get in good with the local library community and get first word on any openings, which is why i need to also use the free time to work toward my license.

maybe i am losing a few dollars but i am going to gain some sense.


yarnwhore said...

After spending 11 hours in the lab today and only working on my stuff for 2, I know the feeling of being at work with not enough to do. You're better off spending the time doing something productive and taking a temporary cut in pay.

k said...

Thanks! I am kind of excited for it the more I think about it, like what will I do with an extra day off that I'm getting "paid" for technically? I know the first few are going to be cleaning/cooking for sure.