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Monday, May 12, 2008

hold yr horses

i'm still waiting to find out what's happening at work. first i was anxious about how i would manage and now i am waiting to find out when i can pare down and for how long. what will i do with all of my new free time?

i know i don't want to be home all day. most likely i will be off friday's, along with my brother and sister. i love them both, but all three of us at home is a bit much these days. that's why library volunteering is looking pretty good. i'm sure i will find lots of ways to pass the time regardless.


m said...

i would kill to be able to have more time off, but then i'm sure the cutback in money would be a bummer. i'm required to work 40 hours. if it's slow (which it has been) i can't leave early or anything. i miss that about my old p1 job.

k said...

the free time is going to be sweet and it's another test for my burgeoning budget skills.