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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

do the dewey

i am officially a public library nerdario. i left my card at home on the computer table so i didn't have it to renew my books online today. having worked in the system before i know that your books are renewed from the date you renew them, not from the due date, so of course i wait until the due date for maximum lending period. i nearly freaked about not having my card but since i have been putting so many holds, i was sure i had memorized it by now. today was the first test of said memorization and i passed. i belong.

i almost had a major freak out a few minutes ago. my ipod wouldn't turn on and since it's barely 8, i knew i would have a long day ahead of me. luckily i was able to reset it and we're back on track.

did i mention it's wednesday? guess what? next week i only work monday through wednesday. workshare kick off party/my dad is out of town, come on down!

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