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Thursday, May 01, 2008


all day at work i was running/dancing around and my music followed every ridiculous move. it was like back in the walk/discman days but without skips or the bulk. being unleashed is such a great feeling i can't wait to get used to. it used to be that i couldn't find headphones with a long enough cord and now i can finally use the retractable pair i bought a year or two ago.

i still don't know how i am going to wear or carry it around. i will probably make a little cozy or bag with a long strap to wear mini messenger style. i have an apple hello kitty coin purse that it fits in so i might trace off that and go from there.

it was so rad to bring my cd's home. i might keep some of the copies there just in case, but i am excited to slowly cut back on the amount of personal things i keep at work.

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