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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


due to lack of rest or airplane germs, i have ended up with the most wonderful sore throat ever. i have been a fiend for some fluids and i am trying to get rested as well. i used to drink only lemon tea for comfort but then i tried some apple cranberry that my sister had from trader joe's. i have not been able to get any more from the store, so i am not sure if it is just our local does not carry it or it has been discontinued. at any rate, it is so good and i miss it much. celestial seasonings is a decent runner up but when you are feeling scratchy and cranky, reading this on your packet will cheer you up every time: "the tea is coming!...she may want a martini but make her drink tea." (Alice Taylor- To School Through the Fields)

maybe it isn't as inspirational as yogi tea, but what else would you expect from the home of two buck chuck?

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