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Monday, April 21, 2008

i left my heart

our trip was so rad, i wish we had stayed another day.

day one:

lunch at herbivore - decent food, crappy service
ferry to sausalito and back
drinks at zeitgeist with former southerners, good times

day two:

breakfast at herbivore - awesome food and excellent service
dessert run for dinner - our friends were making dinner, we had to bring something
shopping in the haight - i conquered muni---so proud
tofu tacos at pancho villa's - getting the most from our muni fare!
ridiculous sanrio spree @ westfield - classic hello kitty is back yo!
delicious dinner and good company and way too much cake
marked men @ thee parkside - i hitched a ride with strangers--don't tell my mom)

day three:

time to get up and go home, but not without a lovely breakfast and one more round of banana chocolate chip cake from ananda fuara.

the marked men were so fun. for some reason, perhaps the jameson, i was determined to stay at the front at all costs. i am sure it was quite comical to everyone around me but i was hellbent on maintaining my ground and i did. i guess i had something to prove.

i can't wait to go back again, everytime i find something new or figure something out and feel more confident about my navigational/pub trans skills. plus there were a few stops/peeps that got missed and i have to make up for that somehow.

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The Butlers said...

sounds like a great trip! Glad you had a good time. :)