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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

april is the cruellest month

i just did my taxes, and for whatever reason i owe. i still don't know what i am doing wrong, but i know it isn't because i make too much money (i can still file for free).

maybe i would make more if had not dropped my english major? then again, maybe it would not have made a difference. i would have at least read "the waste land". i think we quickly went over it but spent more time on j. alfred prufrock.

thank goodness susan miller doesn't care what i've read or earned or paid and she says a wonderful month is in store for me. maybe she will beat eliot just this once.

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Amber said...

I hate doing taxes! i'm only getting back $150, it's better than oweing but it still sucks. Next year we'll get a better refund thanks to the Gibbster. :)