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Thursday, April 03, 2008

burn baby burn

wow. i should never slack on sending things out again. i felt really bad about being so late that i am sending extra to make up for it. i only had to re-up a few things but some are at work so those will have to be another batch. i don't have cases/sleeves so i had to whip some up. they and my fingers are not too pretty but they got the job done.

even if i hadn't had the most fabulous manhattan ever with my dinner, my workmanship would have been about the same. i have never been good at cutting (lefty!). i was telling my niece just that while we were waiting for the rad lady at jo-ann's to cut my sister's fabric. i said i cut badly and she looked up and said i cut creatively.

we went back tonight for more fabric. i got glue sticks, baking cups and two 12-cupcake pans. score! i have wanted to get those for ages but i only find the really dark ones. these were lighter and about seven dollars less apiece, even better, they're wilton. countdown to cupcakes is on.

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