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Monday, March 31, 2008

san francisco's doomed

my sister finally booked our room, so i am truly excited for our trip now. i feel kind of bad that i invited her in such a half-assed fashion so i am trying to make up for it by making it more "our" trip than "my marked men weekend that you can split plane/hotel reservations with me--otherwise you're on your own".

i am making some cd's for a friend in desperate need of new music. i would normally not have this advantage over anyone, especially in the last six years, so i am taking full advantage of my five minutes of semi-coolness. it's not even really "new" music which is the funnier part of it. anyhow, crime is one of the bands i am sending over, i don't think he has heard them yet.

i have a bunch of other stuff to send out. in the post-college years, the mail dispatch has really suffered. the post office isn't that far, but it isn't as convenient either. i have tons of padded envelopes at the ready, just no motivation to hit up the p.o. i am getting the lead out for this lad, and the ladies ahead of him in line who are long overdue for some mail attention.

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