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Sunday, March 23, 2008

hop til you drop

i am surprised at how much easter has managed to kick my butt. almost as much as christmas.

we are supposed to be at my cousin's house already, but i am still in my pj's and my sister is barely getting in the shower. we had scramble and smoothies for brunch. both turned out awesome.

i gave my niece her easter basket and we each had a chocolate bunny from lake champlain, so delicious. i waited too long to get these and had to 2nd day air them. they were perfectly packaged and in absolutely no danger of melting. i was kind of freaking out because it was really warm the past few days, not to worry.

yesterday we went to the walk for water. it was great. i think there were 1000 people, which was the most they have had in the last four years. next year will be bigger and better. we got free t-shirts and water bottles.

afterward we went to rfd for my sister's birthday lunch. it was really fabulous, especially the coconut white cake. i made the right choice.

following that was a quick run to whole foods and guess what? they still had some lake champlain bunnies. oops.

i need to make myself some tea and hop to it. happy easter!

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