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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

game on

i go through these phases where i am just really off. that's the "best" way i can explain it.

i am on an upswing though and feeling better about a lot of things.

most of what i am not happy about, i can change, some things more easily than others, but still things i can work at or move away from. whoa serenity prayer.

i think a lot of it is from not exercising anymore. it's not just that certain clothes don't fit as well or i don't feel as attractive in what does fit. i think it's more to do with endorphins and not getting oxygen to my brain which gets way too cloudy sometimes.

i should be able to get some good walks going in this warmer weather, but it needn't be as warm as it has been the last few days. save some for summer, please.

p.s. no food pics lately because apparently i started kitchen wars '08 with all of my enthusiasm. i should be on the offensive again sometime next week, if not sooner.

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