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Friday, March 14, 2008


i take back all of the mean and snobby things i said about this little library when i walked in here all those months ago. i have found a lot of awesome materials here and within the county system. shame on you k.g. shame on you.

my newest excitement is that you can check out exercise dvd's and they are free because they are educational. not only that, you can check them out for a week, which is quite a boon since regular movies are either one or three day loans at a buck fifty each. i am tempted to try the knitting dvd's, maybe in summer when it is too hot to be outside and i have time to screw up enough winter scarves i don't need yet.

as much as i love coming here, i may need to ease up a bit. but then again, "too much of a good thing can be wonderful" according to ms. west.

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