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Sunday, February 24, 2008

new stew-dent


this probably wasn't the best recipe to launch the new blender with, but you have to start somewhere. it's chickpea mash stew from the everyday vegan. i was really excited for all of the chopping action now that i have a knife that doesn't suck. i was a little bummed about having to wait for the soup to cool before i could puree it, but patience is a lifelong lesson for me. since i had to wait a bit, i went to the grocery store for a few things i missed the other day. i want to make these breaded tofu sticks for my niece so she can have something fun for her lunch and so can i!

since there was no picture i'm not completely sure how close i got to the expected result. i didn't want to overpuree the soup but at the same time i knew that the cooking time was not long enough for the chickpeas and carrots to get sufficiently soup-friendly. at first i felt like i had a huge pot of salsa, but after awhile it looked okay. then we tasted it and realized it was like calabasitas but with carrots and celery added in and chickpeas instead of corn, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

since no one was home, i was at my slowest and most relaxing pace. this took a lot longer than it should have but i was enjoying myself and didn't care. i only had a spoonful because by the time it was done i didn't even want to eat it anymore. it was nothing to do with the soup, which was great. it was more my own fault for making it such a time suck.

my blender has this "easy clean" feature where you can pour warm water and a few drops of soap and at the press of a button it pretty much cleans itself. you probably could always do that and just press any of the eight or so odd buttons but having one that say "easy clean" is quite rad.
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