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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

something old, something new


radness. i made the crispy tofu sticks from table for two and they turned out awesome. the only thing i would do differently is to press the tofu longer and maybe use tofu steaks (i'm thinking the cajun ones)for more flavor. i didn't dip them in anything though, so that probably helps too. my niece ate three of them with ketchup and loved them so much she didn't touch her macaroni, which kind of bummed me out. don't worry, her mom and i ate all but 1/2 cup of the stuff.

since i still had veg stock from the soup the other day and we have too many mushrooms for two pizzas, i am making mushroom barley chowder, also from tft. i didn't find the quick cooking barley so i had to do it o.g. style which is 45 minute barley. at first i typed broccoli, oops.

this week is kicking my butt. i am so glad it is almost over but i need to dig deep and find some energy since i am going to see the magnetic fields on sunday night. i know i am older now but i will not be one of those people who just stands there. i will at least have the decency move to the back when that time comes. for now i will still be spazzing out up front and accidentally hitting people with my bag while i do so.
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jessica said...

those vegan fish sticks look awesome. the mac and sneeze too.
i am totally one of those lame people who just stands there. i can't help it; when i try to dance i injure people. but i'll try to dance when i'm standing near the front.
have fun at the show!

k said...

they are super easy too. the most "work" is waiting while you press the tofu. i can email you the recipes.

i have never seen them so i am excited. woo!