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Saturday, February 23, 2008

price choppers

i tried to do research and i also tried to wait, but last night i gave in and bought a combo blender/food processor at the macy's one day sale. it was supposed to be $80 and came out to $56 and some change including tax. it's an oster 6878 with a 40 oz. glass jar for blending and a 3 cup container for processing. i'm sure it's good enough for my entry level "skills".

i was looking for a $20-30 immersion blender but walked out with this instead, go figure. i can use this beast for the stew i want to make tomorrow and many other recipes i have had on hold, but my little heart is still set on getting an immersion blender as well. i shouldn't be greedy with the gadgets, but since i still share a kitchen, i would rather keep the big guns out of sight and leave the little guy out for sharing.

i got the cutest dorkiest mini chopping boards at the market the other day. one is shaped like a bell pepper and the other like an apple. those will come in handy when i don't want to lug around the 11" x 14" board i got the other day that doesn't fit in any of our cabinets, which seemed like a negative until i realized that since it could not be stored in the kitchen, it could not "accidentally" be used to cut meat.

p.s. by being vegan, you cut your risk of heart disease by 90%, how rad is that?!

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