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Friday, January 18, 2008

resisting a guns 'n' roses quote (patience)

wow, i really couldn't believe today was friday, but i am so glad for it.

i was dozing off on the way to la puente to pick up my niece, but i was not the driver so it was okay. i did feel old/lame for it, even though this week has been a stressful draining mess, it is ending on a good note. i don't have many plans for the weekend, but end of this month and beginning of next, my planner is all kinds of filled out.

in a few weeks i am going to see john reis' new band, the night marchers in san diego...could it be the 8th already? in the meantime, i have just heard a few songs from rick froberg's new band, obits, so that is sort of tiding me over until then. at the same time, i want to see those guys live as well. both groups are working on records, so once again, i am digging for patience somewhere within myself.

speaking of which, the fortune accompanying my eggplant tofu from panda express tonight, was another prod for patience. i will add it to the yogi tea-ism in my planner. one in the front cover and one in the back cover, should cover it, no?

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