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Sunday, January 20, 2008

mommy and me

today is my mom's 55th birthday. i hope she can keep running for another 30 or 40 years because i don't know what i would do without her.

she came home from work and wanted to go get ribs. i haven't ate ribs in over eight years, but it's her birthday, we're going for ribs, even if i only eat a veg kabob or something. i will always trade bad food for good company(their food is actually pretty good though).

that was plan "a", but then we started talking about going to nordstrom. she wanted to look at a few things and i wanted to re-up my kiehl's lip balm. i had to cancel that, and this really awesome lotion because both contained lanolin. i know it's some kind of speciesism, that i will still "use" the bees, but not the lambs clarice. no one is perfect, least of all me.

she was out of a viva glam lipglass so we tried to figure out which one it was, those things all look the same after about five minutes. the girl who helped us was really sweet and not as mac-ed out as her compatriots. she sat my mom in a chair and did her lip gloss for her. it was fun. i tell my mom all the time how beautiful she is and not to slam herself for being an "old bag" (her word, not mine), but when other people say it, other people who are not blood relatives, maybe it takes more weight. she also tried some tinted moisture and loose powder to minimize redness, she's hot enough, hot flashes make her a little too hot sometimes. anyhow, we walked out of there with seventy odd dollars of beauty products for her birthday gift, but better than that was how good she felt and i know she had fun playing with the girls.

upstairs we saw this totally adorable bright pink party dress i pointed out as a joke first, but the more you looked at it, the more you saw how cute it really was. the store only had a 12, but the sales lady said she could order a 14, no problem. my mom is supposed to talk to my dad about it because it's a three digit price tag, not so bad for party dresses, but not something we buy everyday, which is why it should be okay, we don't do this all the time. she put up with his antics for 35 years, she can wear whatever the hell she wants to the party. he will probably just wear a shirt and pants anyway. maybe he needs to buy a shirt? my backup plan is for my sister to put it on her credit and we will make the payments. then my mom just has to work out (as do i) and it should all fall into place.

my mom is still learning "if you want it you should get it now". i wasn't going to let this one get away from her. i could see it now, five months later she is getting dressed for the party in some other outfit and even though it looks great, she will wonder how she would have looked in the pink dress with the black patent belt. then she will probably have a hot flash. at least we have a fix for that one thanks to the mac girl.

p.s. after shopping we went to dinner and had a cocktail.

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