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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

from peanuts to celery

work is rockin' right now. since last week i have picked up some new responsibilities and i have added them to my rotation without complications, rad! it makes my day go so much faster to be busy the whole time. i might be even busier in the weeks to come since this lady gave notice yesterday. it is a good opportunity to learn more (and make more) so i am really excited. i changed departments three years ago, which an excellent move, however it might be time to move on or at least step back a bit. i took over and cleaned it up to a point where it basically runs itself. i should be able to manage both for quite some time since it does not look like the industry is going to pick up anytime too soon.

the only thing i really do not want to change is my boss, but we will burn that bridge when we get there. hopefully i do not have to, but even if i no longer work for him directly, i know our paths would stay crossed and he would be in my corner, just like he was before i joined his team.

it's funny that now i am working more with my ex-boss, sometimes you have to go back to go foward again i guess.

p.s. keep yr fingers crossed!

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