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Saturday, January 26, 2008

weak end

my shoulder is pretty jacked from sitting in too many different desks at work this week and learning too much new stuff all at once. i need to relax as much as i can today and tomorrow. i don't want to turn into a tiger balm/nsaid fiend twenty odd years before i had counted on doing so. mind over matter, i can do this.

today i am going to watch 101 dalmatians at el capitan followed by way too much food at california vegan. what I am most looking forward to is a whole foods run. when will they show the 909 some love, when?

tomorrow i am babysitting until five or so and then getting cleaned up for a surprise ladies-only dinner for my mom's birthday, just keep celebrating. i wanted to stay home like a sad sack and watch what might be the only awards show this year, but that's what vcrs are for, right?

one more cup of mate and i should be golden.

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