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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

the sky is falling

these last few days have seemed so long to me. maybe it's just me. either they are far too long or my fuse is far too short. i find myself ready to knock out around seven or so, if not definitely before eight. this morning i very nearly woke up at four, raring to go, but i made myself go back to sleep or at least lie down for half an hour more. maybe i am on a farmer's schedule?

also we either have a mouse or some other pest in the house. last night i heard rustling in the kitchen but i thought it was my mom. i kept asking "what are you doing? what are you doing" but did not get a response, until a nearly empty bag of cookies fell from the top of the refrigerator and slowly drifted its way down to the floor and into the dining room. i know it could have easily fallen/blown off because it is really light, but i am still wondering about all of the pre-flight action.

today after work i started to get things in line for dinner, but felt something on the kitchen tiles. you know how when you need to clean the floor you can feel dust/dirt through your socks/slippers? i almost slipped on whatever it was. i looked down and there was rice everywhere. whomever used it last, did not seal it up, so regardless of how it fell down, it would have ended up all over the place. i didn't touch anything on the top shelf and neither did my mom, so i'm still wondering how it fell. either i am cuckoo or we have a really clever mouse who does not shit where s/he eats since we haven't found any droppings yet.

my dad jokes that it is my telekinetic energy, but that's the other carrie.

i want to listen to "strange powers" now and maybe i will think of tommy ross while doing so.

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