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Friday, January 04, 2008

i need a radar to find you

i spent the better part of the morning trying to sturdy up my slingshot organizer. i am an over-taper as it is but i really wanted to do a great job of reinforcing it. the first layer turned out nice and smooth but after that it was quite bubbalicious. oh well, if it had come out too neatly, it might as well be someone else's. i ended up not tiling the insides with yogi tea-isms. i just put the one that would remind me of the one thing i need to work hardest at, it says "patience pays". i put up my calendar from BeadForLife too. so between one reminding me to be patient and the other reminding me to be psyched to live in the first world, etc. maybe i will get some generosity of spirit going, even if only for minutes at a time.

while i have only been back at work three days now, it has been nuts. i feel like i crammed 40 hours of work into 24 (go cost savings!). i put on hot snakes totally cranked so i wouldn't have to hear anything but the radness. i don't listen for my phones to ring, i watch for them to blink. i don't get too many calls so it is a good system. i decided to check the swami site to see what's up with those guys and i couldn't have done so at a better time. february 8-- new band debuts in san diego. friday night fun time, i am so excited. i am a total fan nerd or whatever, but how can you not be?

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