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Thursday, January 03, 2008

flashback to the future

i have not used the internet at the library in years. prior to some months ago, the last time i was in this branch there was no internet. a lot can happen in 20 years ago i guess. i wish i could say more for the nearly ten since i finished college, but maybe the next ten will make up for the last.

here is another nerdy blast from the past. back in my uniform school days, if there were ever plans to go home with someone else after school and go to the mall or some other jr. high shenanigans, i would always pack jeans or something to change into. i wasn't really trying to work the catholic school girl schtick, and even if i had wanted to, i don't think i could have pulled it off (pictures to prove it). anyhow, i am supposed to go see "juno" with my sister tonight so i thought i would be nice and meet her at work instead of her coming home to get me and then going back toward work to go to the movies. i didn't want to go to the movies in my work clothes so i packed jeans and a hoodie and conveniently wore a jean-friendly top to work today...neerrrrrrrrrrrdddd. it was funny to punch out of work and then go change in the bathroom.

so far '08 is not much different than 07. i feel kind of bad about not having a very good outlook on how this year will go. i don't think it will be much better than last year, but also am hoping for it not to be worse. mostly i have that spin on it because of work/money, but that is also a good reminder that both of those are things i have power to change. i guess i am just thinking to stay there until it bottoms out and then move on. i have a good thing going for the time being, but i also know there could be something better out there for me if i would take the time to look. here is my moment of pseudo zen, the only thing holding me back, is me.

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