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Sunday, January 06, 2008

chucking out time

i think i have finally embraced cleaning as a new psychotic hobby. i am becoming my mom, but, as always, in a good way.

i am hellbent on cleaning my room for real, no hiding crap under the bed or in the closet. i am too old for that stuff and i have too much stuff that i obviously do not need or want or i would have put it somewhere more readily accessible.

i wanted to get some new shelves or new tv stand but i am going to hold off. i need to get everything in order before i start adding things to the mix. also if all goes well and i get rid of enough things, i might be able to use pre-existing storage for those intend to keep.

another thing i am trying to get rid of is some extra me. i know i am rad and all, but i do want to be healthier and dr. oz has put the fear of god in me in regard to omentum. if it just had a really huge butt i wouldn't worry since that's okay, but i got the bellies going, and that can get dangerous. so that is hellbent mission number two. i have two more nerdy incentives to push this, next month's show in s.d. and my parent's anniversary party in the summer (i foresee many photo op's in which i must look amazing).

there's some other stuff i want to work on too, but i can't put it all here right now. believe me it is burning on my brain. i am really glad to have my motivation back. full steam ahead yo!


m said...

i've decided that we have way too much STUFF. it's really stressing me out to have so much crap around. a lot of it is junk that was brought over when we moved out of our first house. they just packed everything up without going through it. my parents are such pack rats, it kills me. i went through my mother's closet and found clothes from the 80's. i regularly find piles of bills and junk mail from years ago sitting in drawers for no reason. old coupon fliers. old tv's and computer moniters. it's insanity. and now with my mother's health the way it is, i know she'll never get around to taking care of this stuff. i want to have a big garage sale, but have a big sign saying everything is free, just to get rid of it. i want to be able to leave this place quickly if need be, without having to pack so much. you never know when you'll have to skip town or something. ha.

k said...

i need to clean out my mom's closet too. she finally agreed to let me help throw stuff out, but i can't do that until i take care of my own.

the last sentence of your comment was like reverse ally sheedy in breakfast club. it ruled.