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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

quarter crush

i totally have the silliest crush on one of our investors since maybe five quarters ago. he is tall, thin, and preppy with great glasses. after seeing him around from time to time, today we finally met, sort of.

my neighbor and i had been taking pictures with our executives and managers all day long so we could post them by our desk, nerds! during lunch she joked that we should also take one with the stakeholders. my non-crush is a good sport with a great sense of humor, let's call him steve, who would have no problem with it. my crush, let's call him greg, wouldn't really mind it either but he's a bit quieter, kind of like someone we know.

they were supposed to show up some time after noon, but we had not caught sight of them yet and it was almost time for me to leave. i was changing from my dress shoes to my chucks, mister rogers style, when i heard a knock from the lobby door. i don't normally answer it because there is a phone there to call your party, but sometimes people don't know the extension, or their party does not answer. we have been operating on the "secret knock" (shave and a hair cut, two bits) for a few weeks now, which is the few times i hear the knock over my headphones.

i had one shoe on and one shoe off so i really did not want to get it. so i walk over hoping it is no one important and of course it is super important stakeholder greg. ack! so he says, hi i'm greg and i say i'm k and ask how he is doing and somewhere in there we shake hands and i also relay my one-shoed oops story. i don't even remember if i made eye contact before i high tailed it out of there. hopefully the shoe thing didn't gross him out and my honesty is endearing, but somehow i doubt he even really cared.

maybe we will get our picture tomorrow. hopefully sans fleece vest since he should be used to the warmer weather by then.


jessica said...

i loved the mister rogers reference!

k said...

i totally think of him everyday when i change shoes.

jessica said...

that is so nice. he deserves to be thought of everyday.

e.b. said...

i also really appreciated the mister rogers refrence. well done!

also, work crushes are the best. this is cute