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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

it makes it easier to bear

today was a not so good day at work. i just had a lot to do and ended up not getting even half of it done, because so many "issues" popped up from the past to get in the way. i had about three or four "clean up" missions-- things no one ever did, things they did wrong, or things they didn't even try to figure out on their own before asking me to figure it out for them. it wouldn't have been so bad if these instances weren't all within about five minutes of each other and if the money people weren't down the hall, reducing my palette of colorful words to a few muted mumbles.

luckily, a very wonderful man named otis redding, was the rhythmic remedy for all of this. i cannot listen to him without getting the chills and without easily forgetting whatever is bothering me at the moment since his own troubles blow mine out of the water.

in the words of phillip f. dale, "don't stop, give more".

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jessica said...

otis can make any day turn around for the better!