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Monday, December 10, 2007

15 days left

and i just started shopping today. i haven't really had shopping monies, still do not. everything just timed out really badly. i paid my bill that was due this week, two weeks ago so i would hopefully have money by now, but i don't. due to the holidays, i have to pay my loans about a week earlier than i normally would, so that leaves me with no "real" money until the 28th most likely, bah.

fortunately the last year or so has really taught me to find the bargains and not in a bad way. i am the queen of some ross and marshall's sprees. i haven't done any of my own shopping since i have to get gifts for the children whose names i drew first. i picked two kids and i had money from my boss, the cfo and shop manager for six more kids. i was able to take care of four of them today, woo!

the boys wanted skate/basketball clothes which i knew i might luck out on at marshall's. i got each of them two shirts, one wanted nike and the other dc. the girl i chose wanted tons of make up but also some canvases and acrylics and thank jebus, aaron brothers had a sale. i got her stuff and some color pencils and a sketch pad for one of the other boys. i think i spent just under a hundred dollars and i have 100 more for the other four kids. i took care of "my" kids so i am playing with someone else's money for the duration, phew! my mom offered up some credit she had at kohl's so that will be a help too.

we are turning in their gifts on friday so i think i have done a pretty good job of last minute shopping for them, probably because it is not the real last minute. i want to get the rest done tomorrow and might grab a few things for my family if i have anything left, otherwise wait until friday.

my mom made a comment that during halloween we watched a scary movie each week but were not doing anything for christmas. i wanted to get
these anyway, so that was just a nudge. there was another collection i also wanted to get, but this one seemed better. we shall see.

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