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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

get right

i took a few days off from this because i have been "off" for a few days. i should be over it by today i think. you didn't miss anything, trust me.

i looked through the readymade book last night and saw one or two projects that are in my approximate skill level so i might try them. i like building/making stuff but i haven't really ever done anything involving so many tools (ikea furniture does not count). i know of all the required implements i am more likely to slash open my finger with an x-acto knife than anything else. if i can do the easy ones, the others will come along in due time.

for dinner tonight i am making shepherd's pie vegan style. i know it is not a very demanding recipe, but would you believe it's my first time making mashed potatoes? my sister or dad always takes care of that. however, i can mash potato thanks to angie pontani. it shouldn't take much to make or eat, but it's warm and hearty and that's what we need right now. more challenging menus are on the way though, probably after first of the year. this month is all about quick and hearty (is that a ragu sauce?) and of course, the baking.

my mom is really nagging us to give christmas lists. i can think of stuff i would buy right now if i had money to do so but it's nothing i want so badly that i would ask someone to buy it for me because i can't wait. i just don't feel right to ask for much of anything since i live in her house, that's so much already. i know she went along with my "don't buy me anything--donate to something i care about" for my birthday but i don't know if she would do that twice. i can try for that and ask for a few small things and she can make the call.

i forgot to get my mug this morning so i am using a styrofoam cup. there goes my eco-cred, dang!

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