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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

any time of the day is a good time for pie *


here is my shepherd's pie. you probably can't see it very well but i tried to make a heart in the mashed potatoes. for as badly as i managed my time, i think it still turned out decent. i only had the "regular" version a few times but i remember my mom putting green chiles in it and i think that would have helped it a lot. i have ideas for variations for round two, but it was still good eating, hot and hearty, like i like my men.

i used the small corningware dishes again and since my sister was on the phone i put her portion back in the oven to keep it warm old school style. at first my niece said she didn't like it but then she changed her mind and i packed some for her lunch tomorrow. it sort of grows on you because i was packing up her lunch and started to put the rest away and decided to eat more of it, oops. at least i know it won't go to waste. by the way i think i only spent 20 odd dollars on groceries this week, rad!

*one of my fave lines from one of my fave movies
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