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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

hang 'em high

i am so glad we got a tree for the office. even though it is fake, it is bringing out tons of real cheer so we'll take it. we are getting so many cute handmade ornaments that are impressing the heck out of me, even more so considering who made them. a lot of the quieter people are really busting out some top notch ornaments, which will show the people who don't know them, how rad they are if you will just take a look or give a listen. i am almost an ex-quiet person, but i still like being undercover sometimes.

today i made my ornament for the tree, a small mug with a picture of me inside it, a mug within a mug if you will. it turned out so much better than i had hoped. i haven't made anything in a long time so i was having some confidence issues, even with a template. other materials: whole foods 365 brand tissue box, wrapping paper scraps from the "presents" i wrapped this earlier, reused sheet of paper (to print photo), paperclip (for hanging) and of course, scissors, tape, glue. i used a small knife to cut the side slits and a teeny screwdriver to poke a hole for the hook, both of which from my business card tool kit, so awesome. it's not the best quality tools, but surprising for the size/price.

after work i went to the library to see if the "friends" store had any good choices for the project i saw in readymade. unfortunately i didn't find any that seemed right for it. the few also-ran's i did come across, had way too much tape or other markings that would take away from the goodness. i still feel weird to buy a book knowing i am going to cut it all out and cut it up. i know it's not quite defacing or destroying because i am going to make something from it. i guess i could re-bind the pages if i wanted to keep the book badly enough, though most likely i would recycle it. i did get another old wilton cake decorating book and a woman's day "best ideas for christmas" magazine, so it wasn't a total loss.

i am gonna nap now. bye.


jessica said...

i want to see a mug of the mug in the mug! way to go! i went to hobby lobby and bought a stack of felt kind of just to keep a good supply of colors on hand. i want to make little stuffed ornaments. we'll see.
your shepherd's pie looks awesome. i hope i spelled it correctly. i had no idea that mashed potatoes are involved!

k said...

yes! there was a suggestion to use a ricer for smoother potatoes, so i did. it was like potato frosting.