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Friday, November 30, 2007

today i...

- overslept and had to hurry, good thing it is "casual day"

- had bomb breakfast burritos and chocolate silk light for breakfast again, still bomb!

- took way too long editing since i kept editing my edits...nerrrrrrrrrrrrrrd. oh and i was already over-editing to begin.

- hardly did anything at work, oops, will make it up on monday

- probably should not have ordered from sephora but i was sucked into the promo, dang.

- finally got a haircut and feel sexy again, phew!

- got more blank cd's to unblank very soon

- ate a frozen enchilada dinner (i know, i know)

- paid my "rent"

- sucked at writing my blog

- am a "friday night failure" (to borrow from e.b.)

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