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Thursday, November 29, 2007


i need a nap so i am gonna take one. i did not get in bed until almost 1:30 this morning. i had ironed, tidied up a bit, packed breakfast and lunch, made some cd's and was really pleased with myself and excited to do more to get my act together. even after i made myself head up to bed, i had to read a bit of my laurie motaro, which is really funny so far, I am going to start it over.

it was the first really cold night we have had so far. i already had flannel sheets and extra blankets but they weren't cutting it. i was so wiped out, i didn't even want to get up to get another blanket or put warmer pj's on so i put on my bear paw mittens and eye mask and knocked out. to avoid being so ridiculous again, i will put more blankets on post haste. if i don't need them they will be on the floor when i wake up.

maybe because i don't live in "real" weather, i am grossed out by heaters and electric blankets. i just need warmer socks. if my feets are warm, i am good. or i need to get one of those huge heavy soft "mexican" blankets . i used to have a purple one with a tiger on it but i left it in boston because i didn't want to ship it home. it was the raddest ever, my roommate got it for me downtown senior year. i need to get another one. they have them in the markets but they are not as huge and don't have animals on them, boo.

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e.b. said...

those blankets are the BEST. i had one with wild mustangs gallopping and of course a tiger one. rawr! man, i want one right now!