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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

il buon tempo verra

usually when i am ready to write someone off, they will call, email, or stop by. so yesterday i complained about the library and in the same fashion, it was totally awesome today. i was a bit frustrated by the slow computer and the fact that i only found two of the books that were on my list, but i did end up stumbling upon some other great books that were not on my list, so i still won. sidenote: i do need to volunteer there even if only to shelfread, it is so out of order and i cannot believe i got mad that i could not find this pillsbury christmas cooking/craft book, nerd!

here is what i walked away with:

children playing before a statue of hercules- ed. david sedaris

i love everybody (and other atrocious lies)- laurie notaro

readymade: how to make almost everything- shoshana berger

the vegetarian family cook book- nava atlas--- tons of vegan options!

real simple solultions- amanda hinnant

i checked out some cd's too: sound of music (i have confidence!), tmbg "no!" (for the kid), frank sinatra, tony bennett and andy williams xmas album. i also got some books from the "friends" store for a buck(john huston, a book about banning books, and two old rad cake decorating books which are great for reference and other craft nonsense). i looked like a pack mule walking out of there. it was great.

all of this searching took way longer than i thought and i also sat and read and flipped through to make sure i wasn't taking too much stuff. i only put back a martha stewart xmas book because i am punker than that, or ghettoer or lazier, pick one. i would definitely get it another time but i don't think it will fit into this holiday season, or any of the totes i had on hand.

i did get a lot of books but only two of them are "reading" and it's fun reading that should go fast. i already marked a ton of recipes in the cookbook and i am going to try to get myself real simple really soon because i need to, badly.


jessica said...

i love laurie notaro, but i have not read that book!
still a big fan of your blog!

k said...

it is my first notaro! i always saw the ads in BUST and thought i might like her. they had that one and the xmas one, which is your fave? and i am a fan of yours, you and ms. esme totally got me back on track.

e.b. said...

wow! your library trip was way better than mine. you gave me some good ideas!
i went the the library yesterday too but i pretty much sat & studied about Texas during the 60's for three f'n hours! BORRIIIING.
although i did score some free issues of The Sun.