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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


today is my library day. it's my third trip so far and i hope to keep on going. i had been hating on the local library for a long time, partly because i was so spoiled by the university system and partly because i still wish i lived in a "real" city sometimes (other times i am glad i do not).

the good thing about the library being a few years behind on acquisitions is that i am also a few years behind on reading (and movies, and musics). before i went to sleep last night i flipped through 8 or 10 old issues of BUST for some book recommendations, on top of whatever else i might find. hopefully i can find some of them, but i won't count on it. i may just get lucky though.

i do have to keep in mind the six week max lending period and not take out more than i can actually digest in that time. plus, i am still supposed to be reading david copperfield which i can only do that in chunks, so i am on page 115 out of 900 (give or take). it's the one book i can't really rush through and i am notorious for holing up with a book and devouring it in a sitting. to contrast, i am looking for something involving less commitment, like short stories or essays, as well as cooking or crafting books.

after i am done picking my "free" books i also will cruise the "friends" sale for more. when i am all done looking for books i am going to find a table and sit down and read ms. esme's draft and make notes. i sneaked a peek, and i wish i didn't because i want to read the whole thing now.

i love wednesdays-library and project runway!

before j.s. or anyone else tries to stomp my booty, the previous post is a joke. i did not have two of my raddest relatives die of complications to to emphysema and not learn from it. i won't delete it because it is a reminder for me.

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