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Thursday, November 22, 2007

cupcakes to the rescue


these turned out awesome. i doubled the recipe and went to town. i opted to not frost them, due to missing information and to avoid toothaches. i didn't notice until i started mixing that i didn't have an amount for soymilk, i didn't get the book yet so i copied it from lj, which i.c.m. said was a-ok. i tried to do it by sight/texture but it didn't really seem to be coming along, and also it was late and i was getting tired so my capacity to judge was fading. they are plenty sweet with all the chocolate chips that frosting might actually be overkill? i'll get a proper qty. and try it again next time (there will be a next time since i still have a can of pumpkin left). i'm sure ms. esme will give her input after she makes her own batch of goodness.

so far that is the only item i have prepared for thanksgiving. i still have to do green bean casserole, that scalloped corn thing and some stuffing. all of those should be fairly easy. i might do my chopping to save time in the morning. i'm still fighting for kitchen time so whatever i can do now, will be a help.
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e.b. said...

those look amazing!
well done. i'm making some tomorrow.
f.y.i. the recipe calls for 1/4 cups of soymilk, no need for curdling.
i think i am gonna make the icing but decorate using very little vs all out frosting them.
yay for cupcakes!

k said...

i had suspected 1/4 cup! i will have to try on the 2nd round. let me know how yours turn out. yum!

The Butlers said...

those look really good.
btw, i added youy blog to the links on mine. :)
hope you don't mind.

k said...

i will send the recipe if you want and i don't mind being linked at all:)