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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

i didn't mean to miss a blog yesterday but somewhere between napping, making dinner, dinner dishes, grocery runs, frontline and probably the worst attempt at seitan ever, by the time i got my turn at the computer, i was out of steam and so was our signal. i think the new people down the block are stealing internet somehow because it has only been this weak/slow very recently. it's nancy drew time, who wants to be bess and george?

maybe the seitan will be okay but i am not counting on it. there was no sour supreme at the store last night, so unless they miraculously restock, spinach dip is cancelled. to make myself feel more kitchen confident and less like i am singlehandedly ruining thanksgiving, i think i will make cupcakes today instead of after thanksgiving. you can fix any problem with cupcakes, right?

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