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Saturday, June 25, 2005

daddy's girl

since all of a sudden i'm very participatory in work events, I just might try out for the softball team, despite all previous bouts of bitching that it isn't worth it to just play in a one day tournament. There are a lot of new people and I like them so I think it will be fun. Since I didn't try out last year my mitt is still all kinds of new so I gotta break it in. I played catch with my Dad today in the backyard. It was pretty funny. I'm not terrible by any means but I'm still just clumsy enough to make it look like I have no idea what I'm doing. I did better than I thought I would though, it's been an age. Then he even complimented my throwing a few times so that was cool. I just have to stop catching it this one retarded way where I turn my wrist in all funky. Supposedly we're going to practice every day and eventually get to batting. I'm not as worried about that since I know I'll spend more time way out in right field than I will at the plate. I know we *have* to have girls so I also know they will only let us bat the minimum amount of times. But I intend to be one of the better gals on the team, other than the softball chicks who are already good. I need to do sprints and stuff. My dad is supposed to start exercising because he needs to lose weight, so maybe I'll go with him. I know he knows he has to do that but he just had a physical on Friday so it's fresh on the brain right now. So we are gonna be like training buddies or something, coolness.

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