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Monday, June 13, 2005

It's so hard to go back

During some crazy nap fight with my niece, my glasses are all jacked up now. I took them in to the dr. office today so we'll see what happens. I'm really frustrated because my backup pair are totally fuckered. I waited till they were on their last legs to get new ones so they're all oddly bent and fit even more oddly and I keep trying to bend them to make it better and end up making it worse. She said she would try to fix it, if not it should be covered for replacement, which will take about a week. I'm so tempted and nearly stupid enough to go to lenscrafters and get new glasses tonight. But since I don't know if I have to pay to replace/repair the current pair and also since my prescription is so bad, it would really be one of the dumbest things I could do right now, financially anyhow. I am really hating this though, they need to have loaners like they do for cars. Like, oh here are some eyes till yours are ready from the shop. While I was waiting around I checked out the merchandise but I didn't see any I liked, which is probably a good thing. It will be nice when I can see/look better than I do right now.

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