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Sunday, October 03, 2004

I Like The Way Things Worked Out

Total success, to quote Dignan.

Yesterday was awesome to say the absolute least.

It was the first Saturday in a month that I didn't go to work, and the other time I didn't go in was only because my boss forbade it, otherwise who knows how long my Saturday streak would be? I don't even want to know.

I got to Hollywood an hour before I could check in so I went to H/H to pass the time and re-stock aveda. The girl there must have been bored out of her mind because she wanted to give me a treatment and then asked if I wanted to play with makeup. If I wasn't in a hurry to get rid of the bag I was carrying, I might have.

I don't think I'll ever stay at another place with external corridors, mad creepy. But you had to have keys to go anywhere outside the lobby so that was good. I had an iron in my room, which was awesome because my skirt got wrinkled in my bag. I didn't want to bring the little rolling suitcase because I thought I would look stupid, but really lugging around any sort of large bag makes a person look stupid, and now I have these hickey looking marks from the straps.

Since I hadn't ate since the morning I thought I'd go to El Compadre, even though it wouldn't be the same without the ladies. My waiter either felt really bad for me or was totally into me. He put out his arm for me to take and he led me to the table. He called me "amor" the whole time and insisted on lots of tequila. It only took one flaming margarita for me to feel completely borracha and start speaking and thinking spanish which I've never done before. Then I get my bill and it's only charging me for my food. First free drink of the day, and not the last, awesome.

Also, since some total creep was trying to get me to "come here and talk to" him I was freaking out about walking back the way I came so I ducked into this comic book store and got a rad t-shirt for my niece. Then I got her two videos at ross and some tights for me. I hit up 7-11 for some water and there was this lady out there asking for money and I felt bad for her and gave her a few bucks, and I told her that her lipstick was smeared. I'd want someone to tell me, even if you fall on hard times, you gotta keep things like that up.

Fast forward to the show, I get off the bus and all the scenesters are giving me their scenester attitude and I'm just doing my best to ignore them and then I see my friend and I run up and give him a hug and we start catching up. I hook this girl up with my extra ticket since the show did end up to be sold out and then we hang out some, which is rad because I didn't run into anyone else there. Reis was doing the merch so I did my best to not be an idiot. I made him laugh when I held up the shirt and said if I jazzercised enough it would fit (it does btw, but it will look better a few lbs from now). The cd's weren't there yet so I had to go back later and get that. He's so damn nice. He totally appreciates the people who come out. He called me dear. And, it was really kind of rad to see a certain vulnerability/anxiety when he told rick he felt nervous about opening w/ credit. And everything after that was as awesome as it could be, minus some idiots I had to shove here and there.

I had to finagle a ride back to my room, luckily my friend didn't mind. His friends were hanging out at a bar down the street so we stopped there for a bit (more free drinks) and then he dropped me off. It was fun, his friends were good people. One of the girls was crazy though. When we left she ran up to him and jumped up on him and then hit him in the balls and then yells to me, "mama kiss it better".


-m said...

yay! i'm glad you had a good time :)

and i told you you'd get free drinks..

k said...

you were right. it would have been all the radder if you could have gone.

minxnim said...