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Thursday, September 09, 2004


Things I Did
-lost five lbs
-worked way too much overtime
-fired someone
-deferred the new year's 2004 bottle of andre blush again

Things I Got
-a raise
-an oil cloth apron
-a new dress (pale yellow linen sundress w/ crossed straps in back)
-new sandals
-new glasses
-twin peaks vhs set
-a whole lot of j.r. music
-angry :)

Things I Am Looking Forward To
-hot snakes show
-a newer better person for that position
-losing more weight
-catching up at work

To Do
-get a haircut
-make dr. appt.
-clean room
-more time w/ family
-not wait to hear from what's his name
-send a letter
-cash in raincheck w/ andre blush in a belated review/raise self-celebration
-look hot at october wedding
-call longo

Miscellaneous Radness
-trying on clothes and it fit, and looked really good
-being appreciated at work
-frankie time
-loads of compliments on dress/style/appearance and being able to take them without being a retard
-my skin is so much better (I don't know if it's the 4 liters a day or murad, but I will keep up with both)

* a blog title and a red lipstick, it's two things in one

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