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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Vegan Mofo VI-Day 27: Tear Into a LÄRA!

That's my attempt at a "Snap Into A Slim Jim" type of catch phrase. Does it work? Am I even pronouncing LÄRA correctly? Does any of that matter if you devour the bar before you can get a photo of it?

They give out LÄRABARs every year at AIDS Walk. These and the fruit are the snacks I know I can eat for sure so it makes my day. There are chips, crackers and ice creams but those involve label reading and usually dairy. I've bought a few LÄRAs here and there but apart from the walk, I don't usually eat them. They're great but I just like Luna bars a little bit better.

This mini bar (bar bite?) was about to change my mind though. It was so bomb. I'm not the flavor naming police but I would have totally called this fudge brownie instead of chocolate chip cookie dough. I didn't get the cookie dough vibe at all, but because I was enjoying chocolate fudge brownie awesomeness I wasn't going to let the label bother me.This is what you would grab if you were fiending for something sweet and chocolaty but didn't want to bake (and eat) a whole pan of something. I'm not normally one of those people who can have a bite of something and be finished but this one put the brakes on me big time. I will have to see if they sell these in mini size because they would be a great 100 cal. snack to keep the sweet tooth happy without throwing everything else off track.

I had a long day today so no cooking. I cut my left middle finger open yesterday so typing is a pain right now. You wouldn't be able to guess that by how much rambling on I've done though. I really want to end mofo by having a really awesome final four days, but I'm afraid it will just be more rushed quickie posts like this one. Maybe I'll do at least two more substantive ones before closing out this year.

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