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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Vegan Mofo VI- Day 23: My Cups Runneth Over!

I thought I would be really lazy and just make some Peanut Butter Cups today. As much as I love pb and chocolate together I've never made my own pb cups until today. What an experience! There isn't really so much work involved as there is waiting. Some finesse would also be good, but as long as you aren't serving these to anyone too snobbish I don't think they'll care if they look less than perfect. It's the though that counts, right?

The recipe in Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites is meant to yield 12 standard muffin sized pb cups. Because I am a pain in the butt, I chose to use Halloween mini cupcake liners and do smaller pb cups. I thought they would be cuter and hopefully survive longer. I forgot that this meant it would also take twice as long to make them. I should have tried doing regular size first so I would have the basic skills down. I didn't go far enough up the sides so there is a gap on almost all of these. You have to be careful when biting into one since the filling oozes out, not that it's a bad thing, just unexpected. I did wait the full hour before trying them so maybe the pb I used takes longer to set or I just put way too much pb in them. I'll know better for the future, but this was a decent first effort. I'd like to try again with a different peanut butter, maybe a crunchy version!

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