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Monday, October 22, 2012

Vegan Mofo VI- Day 22: Go Bananas!

I slept in again today but managed to have enough time to make waffles and do all my dishes before heading off to work. I was so excited that I was starting to feel better but of course I feel horrible again. Maybe I tried to do too much, or maybe there are just too many yucky germs floating around and they are sticking to me like glue. Why am I up so late? I had to find out who was eliminated first from Drag Race All Stars (not happy!) and I had to wait for my emo stomach to calm down. I seriously have no idea what is going on, but I do not like it at all. Enough about me, onto the waffles!

These are "Banana Split Waffles" from  Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites, a book I asked for last Christmas and have not cooked from until today, totally blowing it, right? I had to dig out my immersion blender for this and finally open the the package of succanat I specifically bought last time I was at the Adventist store because some recipes in this book called for it. There are so many appealing recipes, I had no idea where to start but a huge pile of bananas gave me a good starting point. I really wanted to make the double batch banana bread, but it calls for more buttery sticks than I can spare right now, so this was the next best way to use up ripe bananas. I had everything else and only needed to get the dried cherries. I would have loved to splurge and buy ice cream and chocolate syrup to pour on top, but they are just not in the budget. Not to worry, these still taste great with your choice of buttery spread and maple syrup. They are also quite filling. I can usually eat 2-3 waffles in a sitting, but today I wasn't sure I'd finish my plate. I'll just try one at a time when I make these again. There might be another recipe from this book later on this week, stay tuned!

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