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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Vegan Mofo VI- Day 20: Freezer Fiend

I only had to work from 11-5 today so I thought I would come home, make waffles and blog about them. But even though I slept in late the last two days and even a bit this morning, I am feeling yuckier than ever. I don't feel like getting everything out, putting it all back and doing all the dishes. Plus I am still kind of in a bad mood and I do not like to cook when I am in a bad mood. I am really looking forward to trying out this waffle recipe and I want to make it when I can truly enjoy it, which is definitely not tonight.

I had no idea what to eat for dinner since I only have beans and rice in the fridge right now. I ate that for dinner last night and for lunch today, but even I do not love beans that much. I quickly realized it wasn't too hot outside and I could probably get away with using the oven for about 20 minutes. I had a Tofurky cheese pizza hiding in the freezer so I knew I could eat that. The only problem is that left to my own devices I would probably eat the whole thing in a sitting. They aren't very big, but I still don't need to eat it all for one meal. Then I remembered my sister dropped off some TJ's Crispy Chickenless Tenders last week. They're pretty much the knock off version of Gardein and are way cheaper, yay! So now I have pizza and "chicken" instead of just stuffing my face with pizza. I probably should have made a salad to go with this, oh well.


foodfeud said...

You could have made a pizza and chickn salad! But yes, oh well. I haven't had any of those vegan frozen pizzas but it seems like they actually come out pretty well. Nice. said...

Pizza & chicken, yum! I totally would've eaten the whole pizza AND the chicken!

k said...

@foodfeud-I could have, but oddly enough I enjoy eating salads much more than I enjoy making them.

@jojo- I did eat the whole pizza!