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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Confessions of a Broke MoFo

This is where I try to make it look like I have been blogging and didn't just dust this thing off for Vegan Mofo. You are too smart to be tricked like that, right?!

I don't have any official theme yet, but I do know I will have to get a lot more creative this year. Usually I try to buy a lot of ingredients I haven't used yet or whatever new products are on trend, but I am really going to have to stay close to home and on budget this time around. Last year I was unemployed, but still had a bit of money to play around with. This year I am working part time for much less money, so even though I love my job, I am still working on becoming a budget genius. At first I thought this would make for the worst mofo ever, but maybe it will be one of the better ones since I have to put more effort into it. We'll know in about a month, so stay tuned.

I'm definitely going to do some pantry raiding so I can make the most of what I already have on hand. I also might revisit past mofo ideas that didn't happen, as well as plugging away at an a-z ingredient challenge I gave myself last year. I don't think I got too far with it, so those are also an option. I also want to make more pies since I only made three last year and there are way more recipes than that in VPITS. There will probably be lots of soups and starches too. I might highlight some underused cookbooks or maybe at least try to make something from each one at least once? See, I never think I have any good ideas and then as I start typing out of my asparagus, here they come. I am super excited to get inspired by what everyone else is doing, even though it probably will take a whole year to read everyone's amazing blogs.

I am working on some frijoles de la olla right now, so let's see what happens. Peace!

p.s. If you don't know what Vegan Mofo is, learn about it here.


Mandee said...

Raiding your pantry is a great idea, I recently did a clean out of mine and was sad to bin so many things but also happy to find a bunch of ingredients that I can use!

k said...

I probably won't get to it until tomorrow, but it is always a good feeling to know what you have and try really hard not to let anything go to waste. Hopefully I don't have to throw too much out!