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Friday, March 02, 2012

It's Cookie Time!

Girl Scout cookies are everywhere and I really want to support the troops, but since there are two different bakeries, it can be tough to find the vegan cookies in your area. I haven't been hit up by the girls in green as hard as I have the past few years, so when two adorable little girls came into the library with their order forms I couldn't say no. Fortunately for my waistline, they did not have the cookies I could eat, but I still bought some to pawn off on the rest of my family. For a second I wished I had ordered my own five boxes, but then I remembered what little restraint I have when it comes to sweets.

I wanted to make the Lazy Samoas from VCIYCJ for my niece's award ceremony after party on Tuesday but I wasn't able to finish them on time. I had never used coconut oil before and didn't know to try warming/softening it up in my hands before adding it to the mixture so it did not get mixed in as thoroughly as I would have liked but since I was running low on time and patience, I kept going. I barely got them out of the oven and onto racks before it was time to leave. Don't worry, I was already bringing about 4 dozen chocolate chip cookies, 2 dozen chocolate cupcakes and 2 dozen jelly donut cupcakes, so we were not short on treats.

I did the dipping and "drizzling" the next day before work. I know to use a shallower container next time. I got way more chocolate on my hands than on the cookies. I also overdippped the bottoms so there was not as much chocolate left for the drizzling. But, who cares? They came out awesome and I can't wait to make them again. Maybe with some other GS-type cookies since many bloggers have been posting recipes the past few weeks. I can't talk about girls selling cookies without giving a shout out to Troop Beverly Hills!

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Anonymous said...

Girl Scout cookies are everywhere lately, and we can’t even get them here! One of these days I’m going to have to veganize Girl Guide cookies, now a vegan version of those little suckers I’d like to have. Although samoas look pretty kick ass.