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Friday, October 21, 2011

Vegan Mofo V Day 21 : The Cheeze Stands Alone

As a former cheese fiend, I find it hard to believe this was the first "cheeze" I've ever made. It's the "Great Smoky Mountain Cheeze" from Vegan Diner and it's quite yummy. I didn't have a mini loaf pan and I didn't want to use a plastic container so I just used one of my favorite corningware dishes instead. I flipped it out for the pic and then I flipped it back in when I was done.

We didn't have any crackers  last night, so I made some half assed nachos just to test it out. It was good, but obviously not the best use of the cheeze. Today I got some crackers, spread the cheeze on, then broke up some smoky curls to put on top. It reminded me of the bacon flavored squeeze cheeze on crackers I used to eat as a kid, but in a good way. I will probably make a grilled cheeze soon, or a quesadilla if I am even lazier. I'm tempted to grate it and add it to a mac and cheese recipe too.

Thanks to a tip from Don't Fear the Vegan, I now have plenty of  agar powder. I will probably renew my interest in cheese making, and of course cheesecakes too. And there has to be a recipe for vegan jello shots somewhere, right?

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Don't Fear The Vegan said...

Looks awesome! I was too scared to flip mine.